Our Mission

Our goal is that through respect, ethical practices, dedication, and passion for perfection, to contribute to a better business world.

Therefore, our mission is:

Increase safety in road freight transport, promoting sustainable and high-quality products, create and deliver more value than we promise.

Our Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit – The courage to constantly challenge the status-quo;

Teamwork – The collective genius is stronger than an individual idea;

Integrity – We respect and do not abate from our principles;

Responsibility – We assume responsibility for success and for mistakes too;

Passion – We do our job with passion, and this helps us deliver 110% of our capacity;

Diversity – We do not like monotony, we change things when needed, and we are always improving

Quality – What we do, we do as well as we can

Our Vision

We wish to convince as many partners of the advantages which we can offer. Until now, the products, the commercial attitude, and the emphasis on interpersonal relationships, have been the driving force for the growth of our organization.

Till 2020, we aim to become one of the top nationwide suppliers on the market for truck and trailer parts.

We will always fight to obtain and to offer good prices and better conditions of payment for our customers.

We will always fight to obtain and offer competitive prices and advantageous payment terms for our customers.