Auto Brand has its roots in Interactive Service Company from Bragadiru, situated on the southern border of Bucharest, just near to the Bucharest Ring Motorway.

Interactive Service, founded in 1998, was designed to serve exclusively the Shell fleet in Romania. By delivering quality services, the company has attracted more and more customers due to the expansion of its repair capabilities to several truck and trailer manufacturers.

Thus, Auto Brand was born out of the need of the Service to purchase spare parts at competitive costs. Since its beginning, Auto Brand has been the only authorized BPW Bergische Achsen KG partner in Romania.

As we expanded, we have worked intensively to promote ourselves as a supplier of original and high-quality spare parts, contribute to increasing safety in road freight transport. The expanded warranties offered by the manufacturers from our portfolio are in line with our confidence in these products.

Since 2004 when we started operating, we’ve been constantly working to expand our product range, improve delivery times, and support our partners with value-added services.

Today, we are one of the top companies in Romania in our business sector, with 15 branches, each with its own warehouse and area representatives, covering all the country’s historical regions.