Life at Auto Brand & the Hiring Process

Life @ AutoBrand

We are excellent at import and commerce B2B, in a very competitive marketplace, working with highly complex products. We are determined to achieve great things, and in order to do so we are always in need of people with a determined spirit. One of the most important values which we have is that of investing in our own culture, in the personal and individual development of each employee

How do we hire:

Quite simple: a telephone interview, one or two face to face interviews, and eventually a telephone or video call for any final details.

What we want to see:

We want to see that you are an affirmative person, who sees themselves as the leader of today or tomorrow, who does not have an issue with going into detail, who observes and wishes to improve the conventional methods and ways of operation. We are interested less in diplomas and grade, and more in the way of thinking that you possess, in your problem solving abilities, and in the way in which you can identify realistic solutions. We want to see that you can quickly integrate into a diverse team, that you will collaborate well, and that you have an open and communicative spirit.